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Top questions

There is an operator manual?
It is here: Operator Manual.

How do my customers open a ticket via email?
They should use the following email address


where helpdeskid is ID of your help desk.

How could I manage the Knowledge Database?
You must have a 'faq' privileges to edit the Knowledge Database categories and topics. Please use Account Manager to grant or revoke privileges (click on the smiley icon next to the account you want to manage).

I want to use support.mysite.com url rather than mysite.smartanswer.com
Domain aliasing is available with a one time setup fee $29.95 per domain. Make sure you have access to your domain DNS server(s). To setup the aliasing please submit a request.

Do you provide SSL?
Yes, you may use both http:// and https:// prefixes in your help desk URLs.

How could I obtain a copy of my data (tickets, customer accounts etc.)?
You may download your data as a set of CSV tables or SQL dump at any time. Please use setup/Backup menu.

How reliable is Smart Answer?
We have designed and built a very robust system utilizing two node failover cluster. One server is located in Boston, MA in famous Markley Group data center, and the other one is in Seattle, WA, deployed in Wowrack colocation center. At the time of writing, the server in Seattle runs in master mode and handles all customer requests. The box in Boston datacenter runs in hot backup mode. The backup runs in real time and under normal conditions customer databases are 5-15 seconds behind the master. The system is being monitored by 4 watchdog servers located in New York, NY,  Englewood, CO, Providence, UT and Montreal, Canada. In an event of hardware or network failure on master server, the backup server will replace master after 10 minutes standby period.

What languages are supported?
English, French, Spanish, Russian. Some of the languages may be only partially supported (customer side interface only). For further info please refer to this page.

How does Smart Answer protect from spam?
Please use form and email verification.

Form verification. To prevent automated submission of spam messages the Smart Answer will show an image with verification code on a new ticket submission page. A customer must type this code to submit a ticket. The feature is optional and is disabled by default; please use Setup/Operations to activate.

Email verification. The Smart Answer uses advanced SPAM scoring techniques. You may configure your help desk to put on hold all new tickets having spam score exceeding your threshold. When an email is on hold, the system will notify the sender and provide a link to complete ticket submission. The feature applies to new tickets only. Follow-up messages to existing tickets are always accepted. Please use Setup/Operations to fine tune email filtering settings.